TKTK food choppers

1. Machine Washable: Container part dishwasher friendly.

2. 1600rpm/s Rotation: The maximum rotating speed of the whole network.

3. Portable and Easy to Store: Cordless use, compact and cute, keep your kitchen organized.

4. USB Rechargeable Design: TKTK electric veggie chopper uses a common USB charging method to let you say goodbye to the trouble of tangled cables.

5. Easy to Clean: IP65 waterproof material, 360-degree cleaning without blind spots, the whole body is waterproof, just wash with water.

Product Description

【250ml Mini Helper】The Mini food processor is good for small cutting jobs when you don’t need to pull out your big machine to chop a few things, also reducing food waste and taking up less counter space. A good choice for a family mini chopper or portable baby food chopper when outdoors, traveling, and camping!

【Powerful for Multitasks】The electric food chopper serves as a handy chopper for garlic, onion, ginger, peppers, carrots, vegetables, meat, potatoes, and baby food, also for nuts and chocolate in baking. It is a great gift to release your mom’s/ wife's hands ! ( NOTE: Don’t put large pieces into the mini chopper directly.)

【Time Saver with Upgraded Motor】The electric garlic mincer has been the 2nd version with the newly upgraded motor. Equipped with 1600rpm/s rotating and 3 sharp 304 stainless steel blades, the chopper can finish cutting within 3s-10s for different food (2 sets of blades included). Just one button to start, no need to keep pressing it, A great time saver!

【Authorized Material for Baby Food】The Nutri chopper is made from the American Tritan, the officially authorized material for baby use. You can use the mini baby food processor at home or outdoors, it is reliable BPA-free ! with the design of a magnetic safety lock, it helps prevent children from opening by mistake.

【Wireless Charging and Easy Clean】With newly 1500mAh battery, it can reach 50 times continuous use after 3-hour fully charging with USB. Blackcap is dirty resistant in the kitchen and can be washed with running water with waterproof. The plastic container can be washed in a dishwasher.

Give the Garlic Chopper as the perfect gift to your friends or family. It's a practical & versatile gift, universal and unisex!

Our mini electric garlic chopper is small and portable, and can easily help you solve outdoor barbecue seasonings.

With our food chopper, even if you are a man who rarely cooks, you don’t have to worry about being in a hurry when cooking. This chopper will help you chop up food quickly, so act quickly and make a loving dinner for your beloved.

Fresh and tasty food made with wholesome ingredients to meet your baby's needs at different stages of growth. The capacity of this mini food chopper is ideal for baby's meals


1. The bottom blade cocked is not a quality problem, the 30° angle cocked is specially designed to achieve the best chopping and blending results.

2. The main cover and blade of this electric food chopper are not available to wash in the dishwasher, please just rinse with water.

3. Although this product has full body waterproof design, we still remind you not to throw the main cover into the water to prevent unexpected failures. While rinsing, make sure to close the USB cover tightly.

4. When cleaning the blade, remember to remove the residues in the upper and lower interfaces of the blade, otherwise, it will cause too much resistance of the rotating shaft,rotation speed becomes sluggish, and make noise, even scratch the mixing cup.

5. The TKTK kitchen gadget is available to chop meat or beef without a tendon, but it’s better to cut it into small pieces first and do not do it too much in a time.

6. Please do not fill too much at a time, take the "MAX" mark on the cup as the standard. When you feel that the motor becomes sluggish, the power may be insufficient. Please charge in time.