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This blender is super easy to use. It's a powerful and fast blender that can make many types of smoothies, milkshakes, and slushies. I love putting fruits and vegetables inside it. The blender is also portable making it super easy to take on-the-go. It can easily fit inside any backpacks. I love it!

This is such a great gadget for traveling! Now I can easily make smoothies at the office or bring them with me in the car. (You can also use it to make fancy blended cocktails at the beach or by the pool!) The motor packs a surprising amount of punch given its compact size, and it's a breeze to clean with the little sponge brush that is included. The little ice cube tray is adorable and also makes for quick ice to add for smoothies and slushes. If you're looking for a blender for in the go or a more compact blender for your kitchen, I would recommend this one from TKTK!

Why aren't there any parts?????? I was wondering if it was a defect. It's almost assembled, :> so I just need to put it in once. It's my first time using a juicer, so I don't know, but my cat doesn't run away and shows interest. My cat is hiding somewhere because she'is afraid of the vacuum sound when I clean. So it's not that loud, is it ???and the blue light that comes on when the power is turned on is pretty. I love watermelon juice and apple juice with carrots too!! But I couldn't buy it because I moved to the COUNTRYSIDE, and now I'm so happy to be able to make it at home ")

Received this the other day and I'm a BBQ fanatic--the whole reason I purchased was to seal my ribs, meats, etc so I could marinate the food easily over a day or a week. The bag storage area is cool because you just put the roll in, pull out a little and seal it, then pull out the length you need and cut it. Super easy and not dealing with individual sized bags that might be too big or too small. Sizing is perfect. As for the suction, it sealed the ribs I just did in a matter of minutes and right now they are marinating in apple cider vinegar to tenderize and flavorize before I break open the bag, re-season with a dry rub and re-seal. I'm very happy I picked this sucker up and I'm looking forward to try the ribs after they've bee

It's was a bit tricky to use at first but, after few tries, you kind of get the hang of it! It works well, just like how it was described. I started using it for meat & it saves so much space in the freezer!! I def recommend it.

Quick shipping and great product!! Highly recommended seller!!

I can't thank the seller enough for how fast this was delivered! This little machine is amazing in its power and performance.VERY happy

I like the product. For easy cleaning I add a drop of dish liquid into some water inside the chopper and run it for a few seconds then rinse it out. I highly recommend this product. It's easy to use and handy!

It works well. Easy to use. I use it to blend chicken and vegetables for my 8 months baby. It’s good for making baby food.

I love this little chopper. It’s strong and powerful. So convenient! I'm going to get one for my mom!

A very handy little device to have for easily chopping / diving garlic, onions, herbs, etc. Very easy to use and to clean and is suitable for so many vegetables, herbs and even some fruit.

Easy to use and clean. Ideal to take anywhere and prepare your favorite juices or formula for your baby. Includes 2 stainless steel blades.

I recently purchased a white noise machine,It's really compact and portable so it can be used in the car or when going to a friend's house. The battery on this thing lasts forever!